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Fund Management

Gold Coast Fund Management is a full-service investment bank in Ghana.

We provide individuals and corporate clients with short and long-term investment opportunities

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Gold Coast Brokerage is a licensed brokerage firm offering stock brokerage, investment advisory and Treasury management services.

We are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission

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Gold Fund

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Hello and welcome to Gold Coast, we are an investment-banking firm, specialized in Fund Management, Capital and Money Market, Asset Management, Equity Market Research, Pension Advisory, Brokerage Services in the financial markets in Ghana. Gold Coast has consistently created wealth for cherished clients over the past 23 years and currently has the largest funds under management in Ghana. Gold Coast has won the Best Fund Manager of the Year from the Ghana Investments Awards for 2013 and 2014 and the Best Investment advisor for 2011 and 2015, this attest to the wealth of experience and professionalism with which these funds are managed. At Gold Coast your money never sleeps, your funds are invested with discipline and our goal is to help you maximize wealth in the short term, medium term and long term. You can be rest assured that your funds are secured. Gold Coast is a member of Groupe Nduom, a family business group of Ghanaian and American origin with over 50 companies in Ghana, Liberia, America and other parts of the world.It is one of the companies within the financial services group of Groupe Nduom offering a one-stop shop in Investments, Banking, Insurance, Pensions and Re-insurance.

At Gold Coast we offer investment advice worth its weight in Gold....!!!
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Our Awards

Investment Advisor / Fund Manager of the year from 2011 till date.

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Pension & Provident Fund

This collective investment scheme is usually for a specific group of people, usually employees of a particular company or members of a certain organization. The typical Pension or Provident Fund client is a corporation or organization seeking a collective investment scheme for their employees. These types of clients are often more interested in the security than growth and usually want some say in the investment policy. Gold Coast has been managing Pension funds since 1993, and we aim to become a leading Pension Fund Manager under the National Pension Act, 2008 (Act 766).

Gold Coast can help companies take advantage of the tax benefits the law provides, and assists companies to create, register, and manage their pension funds. We have returned superior yields – over 25% per annum – for most of the funds we manage.

Our group of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals ensures that the right asset mix and risk profile is executed to ensure optimal yields. Gold Coast currently manages funds worth over GH¢150 million in both long- and short-term assets.

Product Features

  1. Inherent Diversification: many different investments makeup the Fund, reducing risk.
  2. Collective Investment: many investors make up the Fund, allowing the Fund Manager to negotiate better rates of return.
  3. Variable Returns: earnings depend on the performance of the underlying assets, which typically consists of stocks and fixed-income investments.
  4. Moderate Risk: the Fund consists of several equity investments and fixed-income investments, giving Gold Fund less risk than stocks, but more risk than T-bills.
  5. Vesting Period: employer can stipulate that funds invested on behalf of employees only become theirs after they work for a specified duration.
  6. Tax Benefit: all contributions to Pension Funds registered under the 2008 Pension Law are tax-deductible.

Product Benefits

  1. Employee Retention: If a company contributes on behalf of employees and attaches a vesting period to the contributions, employees will have an incentive to stay with the company longer.
  2. Fund Management: Professional Fund Managers can lift the burden of in-house fund management and free up resources within the company. Influence: Control of how the funds are invested can be decided in an Investment Policy Statement, giving the organization influence on the investment decisions for the Fund.
  3. Tax Benefit (Pension Funds only): The New Pension Law allows contributions up to 16.5% of a worker’s salary to be eligible for tax deduction. This applies to both employers and employees.
  4. Scheme Registration (Pension Funds only): The New Pension Law requires registration with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority. Gold Coast lifts the burden of completing the application and required documents from the organization by walking clients through the registration process with ease.

For additional info, please view this pdf Pension & Provident Fund.pdf