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Fund Management

Gold Coast Fund Management is a full-service investment bank in Ghana.

We provide individuals and corporate clients with short and long-term investment opportunities

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Gold Coast Brokerage is a licensed brokerage firm offering stock brokerage, investment advisory and Treasury management services.

We are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission

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Treasury Bills Interest Rate

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Gold Fund

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Hello and welcome to Gold Coast, we are an investment-banking firm, specialized in Fund Management, Capital and Money Market, Asset Management, Equity Market Research, Pension Advisory, Brokerage Services in the financial markets in Ghana. Gold Coast has consistently created wealth for cherished clients over the past 23 years and currently has the largest funds under management in Ghana. Gold Coast has won the Best Fund Manager of the Year from the Ghana Investments Awards for 2013 and 2014 and the Best Investment advisor for 2011 and 2015, this attest to the wealth of experience and professionalism with which these funds are managed. At Gold Coast your money never sleeps, your funds are invested with discipline and our goal is to help you maximize wealth in the short term, medium term and long term. You can be rest assured that your funds are secured. Gold Coast is a member of Groupe Nduom, a family business group of Ghanaian and American origin with over 50 companies in Ghana, Liberia, America and other parts of the world.It is one of the companies within the financial services group of Groupe Nduom offering a one-stop shop in Investments, Banking, Insurance, Pensions and Re-insurance.

At Gold Coast we offer investment advice worth its weight in Gold....!!!
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Gold Money Market Fund

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Our Awards

Investment Advisor / Fund Manager of the year from 2011 till date.

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Gold Fund Unit Trust

Gold Fund is a collective investment scheme which pools people’s money to participate in a wider range of investments than would be possible for most individual investors, sharing the costs and benefits of doing so. Members buy units of the Fund at the market price, and the value changes based on the makeup of the Fund (stocks and fixed- income investments).

The ideal customer for Gold Fund is a person who is seeking strong growth with less volatility than the stock market, and a willingness to accept moderate risk. These types of clients are attracted by the potential for growth far greater than that of Bonds and Treasury Bills. This investment fund is ideal for institutions, investment clubs, pension funds, provident funds, and individuals.

GFUT is a well diversified portfolio that has proven robust returns against measured risks. Objective: Long-term capital appreciation for Unit holders through investment in Ghanaian equity securities.

Investment Strategy: 75% invested in equity securities of Ghanaian companies, 25% in short-term instruments.

Product Features :

  1. Inherent Diversification: many different stocks make up the Fund, reducing risk.
  2. Collective Investment: many investors make up the Fund, giving Gold Fund the ability to negotiate better rates of return.
  3. Variable Returns: earnings depend on the buying and selling price of the units, which can change over time.
  4. Moderate Risk: the Fund consists of several equity investments and fixed-income investments, giving Gold Fund less risk than stocks, but more risk than T-bills.

Product Benefits :

  1. Lower Volatility than GSE: Gold Fund performance has moved with the Ghana Stock Exchange with less pronounced volatility. When the stock market drops, Gold Fund sees a less severe drop and when the stock market rises, Gold Fund typically experiences more moderate gains.
  2. Lower Risk than GSE: Gold Fund, unlike the stock market, can move to a defensive position in the event of a marked drop in share prices. The ability to change the underlying asset mix of the fund greatly reduces losses in times of turbulence.
  3. Variable Returns: earnings depend on the buying and selling price of the units, which can change over time.
  4. Less Costly: As an individual, it is costly to invest in the stock market and make trades regularly. Because Gold Fund is a collective investments scheme, unit- holders’ monies are pooled and larger trades are done by a professional fund manager, reducing transaction cost or all unit-holders.

Restrictions :

  1. No more than 50% of the Fund’s assets will be invested in securities of companies in the same industry.
  2. No investments consisting over 25% of the Trust’s net asset value in securities issued by a single issuer without prior approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  3. Investments in other collective investment schemes shall not exceed 10% of the net asset value of the Trust.
  4. Hedging is not permitted with Gold Fund Unit Trust.
Defensively : Up to 80% of assets can be temporarily put into short-term, low-riskinstruments.
Minimum Investment : 100 Shares (GHS 50.00).
Withdrawal : After 3 years without fee. Before 3 years with a 1% fee

Gold Fund Frequently asked Questions :

A Unit Trust is a collective investment scheme which acts similar to a publicly traded stock. Units are bought and sold at the daily market price and unit-holders earn based on the difference of the prices at which they buy and sell. Unit Trusts have an appointed Fund Manager and Trustee(s) to protect the interests of the unit- holders.

When money is invested in an open-ended investment scheme, new units are created to match the prevailing unit buying price; each time units are redeemed, the assets sold match the prevailing unit selling price. In this way, there is no supply or demand created for units and they remain a direct reflection of the underlying assets.

A collective investment scheme is a way of investing money with others to participate in a wider range of investments than would be possible for most individual investors, and to share the cost and benefits of doing so.

While fixed-income investments such as treasury bills offer guaranteed earnings, the long-term gains are typically less than that of equity investments. Investments such as individual stocks can be risky on their own, but Gold Fund reduces that risk by spreading it among numerous stocks on the market. For investors interested in long-term gains, Gold Fund is an ideal.

Gold Fundunits are available directly through Gold Coast Fund Management and through standing order at banks.

The invested money is used to buy a wide selection of equity (ownership) in both listed and unlisted companies. This diversification reduces risk for the investor.

Gold Fund Units can be purchased in lots of 100 units for first time purchases.

The Gold Fund is managed by the Fund Manager, Gold Coast Fund Management. Equity investments are made in Ghanaian companies that show signs of growth. Thorough research is done before making any trades, protecting unit-holders from volatility caused from hasty decision-making.

The management fees for the Fund accrues on the last business day of each calendar month and the fee does not exceed 0.2% of the Fund’s value. The Trustee’s fees are paid monthly and based on the Fund’s average monthly net assets calculated at an annual rate of 0.5% of the first GH₵ 500,000 and 0.3% of the excess over GH₵ 1,000,000.

Gold Fund carries risks similar to most other investments on the market: Stock Market Risk: As with all equity funds, this Fund’s share price can fall because of weakness in the broad market, a particular industry, or specific holdings. The market as a whole can decline for many reasons, including adverse issuer, political, regulatory, or economic developments in Ghana or abroad, changes in investor psychology, or heavy institutional selling. Risk is mitigated with the Gold Fund because of the diversity of stocks selected. The Gold Fund has followed the trend of the GSE with significantly less volatility.

Interest Rate Risk: Interest rate increases can cause the price of a debt security decrease. The ability of an issuer or a debt security to repay principal prior to a security’s maturity can cause greater price unpredictability if interest rates change.

Manager’s Risk: A manager’s assessment of companies held in the Fund may prove incorrect, resulting in losses or poor performance even in a rising market. The Fund is subject to manager risk, which is the chance that poor security selection will cause the Fund to underperform other Funds with similar investment objectives.

Market Risk: Investing in small-to- medium privately held companies in Ghana is a challenge. Valuations, dividend payment and exit issues can become difficult problems for the Fund.